Ridgewood Middle School  

Standard School Supply List



No Backpacks Are Allowed

Purses Can Be No Larger Than an 8'x10' Piece of Paper


 Zipper Binder (with strap optional)









1 inch Three Ring binder for Math class









10 Pocket Folders (with brads, to go into zipper binder)









 Loose-leaf notebook paper (Wide ruled)











#2 Pencils








Colored Pencils










Pens (Red, blue, & black) 




















School Fees


Classroom Fee - $20 (Covers P.E. locker, classroom materials and supplies.)

P.E. Uniform - $20 (Purchased through Sports World after school starts.)


Following fees only need to be paid if your child is enrolled in the class.


Instrument Rental

Band - $25

Orchestra - $25

Guitar - $20


Art (6th Graders) - $5

Art I - $5

Art II - $7

Art II Ceramics - $30