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EDMODO.COM Follow Your Child's Online Classes

The creation of a Parent Account allows you to observe the important activity and events on your child's account. Your account is automatically updated as your child uses Edmodo and participates in his/her Groups.  If you are not seeing much activity on your Parent account, it is most likely that the teacher has not made many of the types of posts that are available to parents.

Once you've added your child to your account, you will be able to see the following on your Parent account:

  • Your Homepage:

    • Assignments due within the next two weeks.

    • Late Assignments

    • New grades your child has received on an Assignment or Quiz. 

    • Upcoming events.

    • Assignment comments made by your child's teacher. 

    • Alerts sent to your child's group, and all replies to the Alert

    • Latest Posts

      • Direct messages between your child and his/her teacher(s).

      • Messages from your child's teacher(s) sent to the Parent Group. 

      • You will NOT see Notes posted to the entire group unless the teacher specifically puts (Parents) into the Send To field of the Note.

  • Your Planner.

  • Your Student:

    • Student's grades for each of his/her Groups.

    • List of your student's teachers.

    • Student's school

    • Student's Profile.

Note: Parent Accounts serve as an observational tool. At this time, parents cannot send messages or reply to posts. Expecting to see more posts from your child’s teachers? You will only see these posts on your account if the teacher has included the Parent Group in the post, or if your child’s teacher has sent a direct post only to your child (or vice versa). Check with your child’s teacher if this is a concern and direct the teacher to our Help Center page about about sending posts to Parents.  

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