Please visit our community partners that help support Ridgewood Middle School in our endeavor to enrich and improve the learning environment and oppertunites that all students should 

Norton Art Gallery


     Free to the public for enjoyment and enlightenment, The R.W. Norton Art Gallery is a non-profit museum built in 1966 which features original works of American and European art. With the addition of the South Wing in 1990 and the North Wing in 2003, the Norton has continued to expand its permanent collection and bring outstanding art exhibitions from all over the country to the greater Shreveport area. Explore the Norton online and plan your next visit to experience its amazing art and gorgeous gardens. Enjoy your visit!

Biomedical Research Foundation


     The BRF's mission includes promoting public and private support and collaboration to increase knowledge-based economic development. We recognize the significant assets and resources that reside in our region and beyond that are vital to achieving this goal. BRF staff works very closely with institutions and organizations in medical and healthcare, pre K-12 and higher education, workforce development, entrepreneurship, technology and economic development by serving on boards of directors, committees and task forces, and by collaborating on projects to consolidate and maximize resources. All of these organizations are dedicated to community development by focusing on either the medical, educational, or economic well being of residents.

National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center


     The Cyber Innovation Center created the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC) to advance its academic outreach and workforce development program. NICERC focuses on curriculum design, professional development, and collaboration in K-12 education. Project-driven curricula creates a context for the content at every level of learning. Professional development programs for K-12 teachers enable them to motivate creativity and innovation in students through problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. The programs offered through NICERC provide a collaborative and comprehensive solution that fosters systemic change in education.



Community Partners

ArtBreak / Shreveport Regional Art Council


  • More than 50,000 students, parents, teachers and festival-goers from Northwest Louisiana participate in the week-long CADDO – BOSSIER CELEBRATE EDUCATION extravaganza at the Shreveport Convention Center!

  • ArtBreak is part of the extravaganza that includes a week long celebration of learning with field trips to the KTBS–3 Summer Reading Festival for all 2nd Graders, Very Special Arts Festival and the ArtBreak 3rd Grade Days Learning Fest for students in Caddo and Bossier Schools.

  • More than 9,000 public and private 3rd grade students from Northwest Louisiana participate in ArtBreak’s 3rd Grade Days learning Hands-On INTERDISCIPLINARY Activities taught by Professional Artists.



Southern Hills Business Association


     The Southern Hills Business Association was organized in October 2001 to bring together business owners and managers in the Southern Hills area for the purpose of promoting community renewal, revitalization, new busines development, and economic development of the area. SHBA is involved in the community and promotes events that distinguish Southern Hills as a unique area within the city. SHBA welcomes your membership and active support.

     The Southern Hills Business Association provides many opportunities for members to share concerns about the area and to work together to implement plans of action to produce positive results and promote reinvestment in the area. This SHBA website provides updated information, and the SHBA Message Center (318) 687-7808 provides 24-hour access for expressing needs, issues, concerns, compliments, suggestions, etc. Feel free to use the "Contact" button to share your thoughts with SHBA.